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Importing Patents from a Spreadsheet

Patents can be imported into AcclaimIP from data sent to you in spreadsheets or text files, such as emails and word processing documents.  You import patents into a research folder which can be shared with other users in your workgroup (company) or with external AcclaimIP users from other organizations.

Steps to Import Patents into AcclaimIP

  1. Create a research folder to hold the patents, or use one of your existing research folders.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the folder you just created (or the existing folder) and choose the Import button from your Research Folders window's toolbar.
  3. Alternatively, choose the Import button first and select the folder from the drop down menu into which you want to import the patents.
  4. Go to your spreadsheet program and copy the published patent or application numbers (any collection AcclaimIP supports).  You can copy the whole column including headers (usually column A).
  5. Paste the column into the Document Numbers box in the AcclaimIP Import window.
  6. Choose the Import button.
  7. The results will be reported to you telling you how many were imported, how many were not recognized and how many were duplicate numbers.

If AcclaimIP can't recognize a patent number, or it is a duplicate, it will be skipped, and the balance of the documents will be imported.  Skipped patent numbers will be reported in the Import Result window's Documents Not Imported tab.

Once your documents are imported, in the Research Folders window click the folder icon for the folder you selected and view the documents in the normal Search Result window.

Create Research Folder

  1. Open the Research Folders window by clicking the icon on the AcclaimIP desktop.
  2. Click the New button (1) from the Research Folders window's toolbar.
  3. Complete the form (2) and click the Save button.
  4.  Note that if you have a folder selected (with the checkbox) the Parent Folder in the form will be that folder. You can also change the folder from the dropdown in the form.

Open Import Window

Highlight the folder you want to import into by single clicking the folder in the Research Folders window.

Click the Import button (1) and the Import window (2) will open.

Copy Patent Numbers from Excel, other Spreadsheets or a Text File

  1. Select the column by clicking the header (Column A in this example) and choosing Copy option.
  2. The column of numbers will now be in your copy buffer.

Paste Document Numbers into AcclaimIP

  • Paste the document numbers into the Import window's Document Numbers field (1) in AcclaimIP.
  • Click the Import button (2).

Notes on Number Formats:

When importing US documents, the rules are fairy simple.  

  • You do not need the Country Code prefix (US) before each patent or application number, and you do not need a Kind Code suffix.  The reason is that all US document numbers are unique, so there is no possibility of importing a document with the same number and a different kind code.  You may include the US prefix or leave it out.  If you leave it out we assume you want to import the US document.
  • Commas (,), slashes (/), and hyphens (-) are ignored so you can leave them in or take them out.
  • Do not include any spaces in your numbers.  US8123456B2 is correct, US 8123456 B2 is not correct and will fail on import.
  • Examples of valid document numbers are 8123456, US8123456, 8123456B2, US8123456B2, US2015000001, US2015/000001, 2015/000001
  • One exception are document numbers begining with RE (Re-issued patents).  In this case AcclaimIP requires the US prefix, e.g. USRE45256.  You may include the E1 kind code suffix if you choose, but it is not required.  USRE45256E1 will import correctly as well.

When importing Non-US documents the rules are a little more restrictive

EP, JP and other jurisdictions re-use document numbers in a serial family and append the unique publications with different kind codes.  As a result, the country code prefix is required, and if you leave off the kind code, all matching family members will be imported.

  • Country Code prefix is required.  If you leave it off, AcclaimIP will try to match a US document.
  • A Kind Code suffix is not technicaly required, but if you leave it off, AcclaimIP will import all matching members of the patent's family sharing this same root number.
  • Remove all spaces in your numbers.

Review Import Results

  1. The result of your import is reported in the Summary tab of the Import Result window (1).
  2. Unrecognized, and duplicated documents will be reported in the Documents Not Imported tab (2).
  3. In this example 29 documents were imported into the Manual Research folder, and 0 were not recognized.

Depending on your membership plan, the maximum number of documents you can import per folder will vary.

Open Folder and Manipulate Patents

  1. View the imported patents in the specific research folder (1) by double clicking on the folder or selecting the folder checkbox and clicking Open (2) in the Research Folders toolbar.
  2. Search within this set using keywords and field codes to create complex searches within the folder using the Query field as you would with any other search.
  3. Notice one of the filtering criteria for the list is the Research Folders ID (RFID) number (3).
  4. The imported list is faceted automatically, and all of the Filter Results will work just like any other search result.
  5.  Note that the RFID number can also be used in any search by using the field code RFID: and then the unique number for that folder.

Deleting Patents From A Folder

After you open a folder (see the Open Folder section above) you can delete documents out of your folder by selecting them in the Search Results grid, then clicking Selected (1) then clicking Remove from FolderID (2). Note that you can also Add, Move, and do other things with those selected documents.


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