Charting EP States

The EP state data can be charted in the Country tab, under EP.  Here you have the option of charting all, or a combination of Active, Abandoned, Full-term, Lapsed and Unknown status.

Similar to other charts in AcclaimIP, you can also chart the EP validation using the Multi-Series option.

In this example, a company’s EP  state portfolio is charted by Active, Abandoned, Full-term and Lapsed.  

While Lapsed are charted here, they can add “noise”, because these are states which were protected at the time of grant but have not been validated.

Using the same search, this chart excludes Lapsed data and so only shows the EP states which have been validated.

An additional chart option displays the EP geographical coverage with an EP country coverage map.  Only Active EP states can be charted here.

Multi-Series Charting

Multi-Series charting for EP State data is available for the Active states.

In this example, Dyson and Miele EP State activity is compared.


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