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Document Reports And The Dual Viewer

The Reports in this section are designed to surface key data for a variety of uses, depending on the report, itself. The reports can be used by you, but were also designed to be easily shareable with anyone, whether or not they have AcclaimIP licenses. All they need is an internet connection. 

All reports are found from the Reports drop down on the Document Details window.

The Dual Viewer

One of the key aspects of the Reports is the ability to share, either by sharing a link for a single document, or exporting links for a whole set of documents. Notice in the screenshot above, someone with just a single link can now access all the reports, as well as the originally filed patent PDF. This makes it very easy for you to share every bit of pertinent information with a client. However, depending on which report you feel is most pertinent, you can download and share a link that brings that report into focus first. That way you can bring attention to what you want the client to see first, but they have everything else with just one link.

Note - the PDF link only shows the PDF in a webpage. Any of the Report links show everything in the viewer.

Whenever you export, you will notice in the Export Manager that you can select links to any (or all) of the reports. You do not have to select all of them, because of the ability to see all the reports from any one link. Just select the one that you would like the client to open first (e.g., the Annuity Decision Report). 

Note - this is only true of the Reports links. The PDF link only opens the PDF.

Although the links are signed links, I have downloaded each type in the above screenshot to show you what they look like. Every link has the type appended to the document number to remind you which type of link it is. Also note that there are gaps, or empty cells, in the screenshot above. That is because while the Patent Analysis Report (the PAR) is on every document, the Prosecution Analytics are only for the US (so the EP does not have a link) and the Annuity Decision Report is only for granted patents (since you don't have to start paying maintenance or annuity payments until after your application has granted). 

This is important because you may want to send a PAR to a client, but only set up to export the Prosecution Analytics, thinking that they could click that and also see the PAR. If you only have the Prosecution Analytics link, but, for example, also send the client JP and EP documents, they would not have any link that would allow them to view the PAR for those JP and EP documents. If you export the Patent Analysis Report link at the same time, though, they would.


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