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Other Account Management Features

Feedback From Your Team

Feedback From Your Team

If your users communicate with AcclaimIP by using the Feedback button, the feedback is listed in the Feedbacks tab which the Account Admin can review later.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to use the feedback option.  That way you can log the requests that you and your team have made to AcclaimIP.  

Feedbacks are categorized into one of the four following categories:

  • Support
  • Feature Request
  • Comments
  • Bug Reports

User Logs

User Logs

Like all well designed SaaS products, AcclaimIP is instrumented.  This means that the software logs what features were used, when they were used, and by whom.  We use this information to understand how customers are using AcclaimIP.  These same logs are available to customer administrators.

No query identifiable information is ever logged, mined, or viewed by our team.  The privacy of your searches is strictly maintained.

For example, AcclaimIP might log that you ran a particular type of chart (e.g., line graph or pie chart), or clustered some documents, but we do NOT log what you charted or what documents were clustered.

Customer Administrators enjoy the benefit of viewing the same logs that our team can view.  The logs can help you understand who is using the software, what features they are using, and which areas might require additional training.


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