Unique Terms in Claim One (1) Field Code (ANA_FCLM_UW)

To find patents with many or few unique terms in claim 1 (the first claim), use the ANA_FCLM_UW field code.

The ANA_FCLM_UW field code is another view of claim 1 similar to the ANA_FCLM_TW code.  The difference is that the ANA_FCLM_TW is a count of the total words in the claim.  In contrast, ANA_FCLM_UW counts each unique word in the claim only one time.  In other words, if someone wrote the claim "Buffalo and buffalo buffalo buffalo," ANA_FCLM_TW would return a count of 5 and ANA_FCLM_UW would return a count of 2 (one for the word "buffalo," no matter how many times it's written, and one for the word "and").


  • ANA_FCLM_UW:10  -->  Finds patents with exactly 10 unique terms in claim 1.
  • ANA_FCLM_UW:[* to 25]  -->  Finds patents with 25 or fewer unique terms in claim 1.


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