File Wrapper Document Description Text (FW_DESC)

For every document that the USPTO uploads into a patent or application's file wrapper, there is text used to describe the document that is loaded in the system.  These descriptions are fairly standard across USPTO file wrappers.  For example, any Notice of Allowance sent has the document description "Notice of Allowance and Fees Due (PTOL-85)" added to the file wrapper, a Non Final Office Action has the description "Non-Final Rejection" added to the file wrapper, etc.  

To search for any of these descriptions, or parts of these descriptions, use the FW_DESC field code.


  • FW_DESC:"notice of allowance"  -->  Query matches all US patents or applications that have notice of allowance in the document description.
  • FW_DESC:"terminal disclaimer filed" --> Query matches all US patents or applications that have terminal disclaimer filed in the document description.

Power Move:

In AcclaimIP, the FW_DESC field code can be used with the WITH operator.  This operator allows you to jointly query data that exists on the same line.  For example, if you wanted to find only documents that has the string "notice of allowance" and that has been issued within the last 90 days, the query would be the following:

FW_DESC:"notice of allowance" WITH FW_MRDATE:[NOW-90DAYS to NOW]


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