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Any searches you do are saved to your Search History. This allows you to track your searches, rerun your searches, export your history, combine your searches, etc. 

Accessing Your Search History

Your search history can be accessed in several different ways. You can click on the Search icon (or Start-->Search at the bottom left of the AcclaimIP desktop) or you can access your search history from the Project Dashboard bar by clicking on either the magnifying glass icon to view your search, or the document icon to see the viewed documents. Regardless of how you access it, your search history will only include the searches and documents for the project in focus.

Note - opening your search history from the Project Dashboard bar pops up a new window, separate from the Search box (see above image). This new window has the exact same functionality and information as the Search box's Search History tab. This includes adding searches directly using the search bar, hiding searches, exporting your search history, etc.

Hiding Searches In Your Search History

While you cannot delete searches within the Project, you can hide them.  For example, in the image above, I’m satisfied with the results from my last search (search 13 in the search No. column) and want to hide the ones which are not directly related to it.  To hide a search, click on its corresponding eye icon on the far right of the search row you want to hide (in the Actions column).

Here is the history after hiding the non-related searches. In this case, I hid search numbers 11 and 12. If you want to un-hide any particular searches, click the "Show Hidden Only" at the top, and once again click on its corresponding eye icon on the far right of the search row you want to hide (in the Actions column).

Some Notes On Using The Search History

Notice that by default the last viewed set is at the top of the search number list.  If you do this a few times, they may not appear in the order you want.  However, you can re-sort the searches by either clicking on the column you want to sort by (for example, if you want to sort by the number, as opposed to the date used) or by using the drop down by hovering over the column, clicking the down arrow, and then sorting by Descending or Ascending. 

You can use the search history bar to combine and create searches as well. This is covered in more detail in the next section Combining Searches. Note, however, that you can still use search rows in this feature that you have hidden. For example, I could still use search 11 that I hid in the example above.

Exporting And Clearing Your Search History

To export or clear your search history, simply click on the down arrow next to the Search button and select the option you want. 

The Export Search History function exports the search history into a CSV spreadsheet in the exact way you have it in your History tab. That is, it will export it in the exact sort order you see it in on your screen, and will not export the hidden items.

The Clear History function will clear out the entire search history for that project. This includes the hidden search items.


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