Terminal Disclaimer Field (DISC_TXT)

AcclaimIP can tell you if a terminal disclaimer is present for any US patent.  The DISC_TXT field is a text field, and holds a string of information.  In every case we have seen to date (i.e., up to 10/27/2015), the text just shows the presence of a terminal disclaimer, and nothing regarding dates, etc.

As a result, this field is most useful if it is treated like a Boolean (true or false) field.  You can do this by using the EMPTY field code along with DISC_TXT field.


FIELD:isNotEmptyDISC_TXT-->  Finds patents with terminal disclaimers.

FIELD:isEmptyDISC_TXT-->  Finds patents without terminal disclaimers.

If you search on DISC_TEXT:Terminal, you'll get the exact same number of results you would get with the FIELD:isNotEmptyDISC_TXT query.


The chart below shows the presence of US granted patents with and without terminal disclaimer data. As you can see, approximately 10% have terminal disclaimer data.



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