Dependent Claims Field (DCLM)

Dependent patent claims can be searched using the DCLM field code.  This field code searches only dependent claims and ignores terms found in independent claims.

The examples below can be used in conjunction with any number of other field codes to construct complex queries.


  • DCLM:wireless -->  Finds instances of documents with "wireless" in the dependent claims.
  • DCLM:"coffee Maker" -->  Finds the string "coffee maker" exactly as typed in the dependent claims.
  • DCLM:(endoscope camera)  -->  Finds documents with both the term "endoscope" and the term "camera" in the dependent claims.  If no Boolean operator is used (as is the case here), AcclaimIP assumes a Boolean AND.
  • DCLM:(peanut OR butter)  -->  Finds documents with either term in the dependent claims.  Documents with both terms are also returned.
  • DCLM:("peanut butter" NOT jelly) -->  Finds documents with the string "peanut butter" but NOT the term "jelly" in the dependent claims.
  • DCLM:("peanut butter"~3) -->  Finds documents where the term "peanut" is within three terms of "butter" in the dependent claims.

How NOT to search DCLM Field

DCLM:surgical clip  -->  Finds documents with "surgical" in the dependent claims and "clip" in the Default Field set.  You must use quotes or parentheses to find both terms in the dependent claims.  Otherwise, AcclaimIP assumes you want to search the Default Field set for the terms not immediately following the colon ( : ).


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