Pending Field Code (PEND)

The PEND field code applies ONLY to US applications.  It is a Boolean and holds one of two values, either True (T) or False (F).  Granted patents cannot be pending so the field is always blank on US grants and documents from all other collections.

US Applications can have one of three states:

  1. Granted  -->  The application has a related grant, (PEND:F)
  2. Pending  -->  The application is still active and pending (not yet granted), (PEND:T)
  3. Abandoned  -->  The application is abandoned (also PEND:T)

Currently AcclaimIP cannot tell if an application is still pending or abandoned.  This should change in the last half of 2017.  However, at the moment, "un-granted" applications all have the status (PEND:T).


  • PEND:T  -->  Finds applications that are still pending or abandoned (i.e., "not granted").
  • PEND:true  -->  Same as above but you can spell out "true" or "false" on any Boolean field.
  • PEND:F  -->  Finds applications that have US grants against them (no longer pending).

Helpful Tip:

NOT PEND:F  -->  This double negative query is very useful.  While ostensibly the same as PEND:T, it includes pending applications and removes granted ones.  However, the query has no impact on US grants which have a blank PEND field.  Therefore, if you want to view a list of both patents and applications, and remove all duplicate applications that have subsequent grants against them, use this query.

PEND in the Search Result Grid

PEND in the Search Result Grid

The PEND field does appear in the Search Result grid, but the T/F is translated to either Not Granted or Granted, respectively, and the column header is translated to Application Status.  We do this because it is easier to read and understand in this format.


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