Agent Field (AGT)

To search for particular law firms or patent attorneys, use the AGT field code.  The AGT is normalized by default in AcclaimIP.  If you would like to search on a particular misspelling of an AGT name, you can do so using the AGT_ORIG field code. 


  • AGT:"Bacon & Thomas" -->  Finds patents with the specific string "Bacon & Thomas" in the AGT field.  This search does not cover "Bacon and Thomas" however.
  • AGT:(Bacon NEAR2 Thomas) -->  This is probably a more useful search because it covers instances of "Bacon and Thomas" as well as the "Bacon & Thomas" example above.  This is a proximity search where each term must be within two terms of each other.
  • AGT_ORIG:("Blakely Sokoloff" AND  (Seth NEAR1 Kalson))  –>  Searches for the string "Blakely Sokoloff"  and the attorney name "Seth Kalson" in the original, unnormalized, AGT field.  

The last example above provides a useful pattern to search for a specific attorney name within a firm.  It is common for patents coming from large firms to include both the firm name and the specific agent's name.  We normalize all of these type of variants into the firm so you can do more accurate analytics.

Here is an example of using the normalized AGT field along with the multi-series charting feature.


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