File Wrapper Page Count (FW_PG_CT)

File Wrapper Page Count (FW_PG_CT) searches for a total page count for a specific document in a file wrapper.  Generally, you should use this code with the WITH operator.  This way, you can filter down your search results to a specific type of document, and a larger or smaller version of that type of document.  For instance, if you were looking for a patent application that had a very long office action.  This might be very long because the examiner determined that there were a lot of problems with the patent application.  You do not have to use the WITH operator if you do not want to, however.


  • FW_PG_CT:[30 to *] WITH FW_CODE:CTNF  -->  Query matches all US patents or applications that have any non-final office actions that are 30 pages or longer.
  • FW_PG_CT:[* to 10] --> Query matches all US patent and applications that have any documents, in the file wrapper, that are 10 pages or shorter.


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