Combining Searches

There are times when you need to combine searches you have previously done. Perhaps you need to break a complex search into more manageable pieces or maybe you want to see the delta of two previously run searches. These are some of the reasons why the search combine feature in the search history was created.

The S Field Code

To combine searches, use the S field code. In general, it functions just like any other field code inside of AcclaimIP. The main difference is that you will use it to build searches inside of the Search History, and cannot use the S field code in tabs like the Query Builder. Beyond that, the same query logic applies to the S field code as to the other field codes.  

For example:

(S:1 OR S:4) NOT S:2

S:(1 OR 4) NOT S:2

S:((1 OR 4) NOT 2)

Just like with the search logic for other field codes, these are all acceptable (and all the same search).

You can also add other field codes with the S field code. For example:

 S:1 NEAR5 TAC:power*  

This combines search 1 (i.e., the search with the 1 in the No. column) within 5 terms of power* (power, powers, powerful, etc. since the asterisk is a wildcard) in the Title, Abstract, or Claims.

Note that if you forget this, there are instructions for use inside of the search box on the Search History window.

Tips And Tricks


You can open the search history from the Projects Dashboard Bar, as well as having the Search History tab open. You can also use the S field code in your Search Results grid. In other words, you can have multiple ways to query using the search history, and it might be easier for you to have more than one window side-by-side so that you can see what you are building. 

For example, in the above image, you can see that the Search Results grid is open beside the Search History. You can then build a search in the Search Results using the S field code, and know which search or searches you want to use in that search string.

Quickly Rerun a Search:

You can always single-click directly on the blue date column to rerun the search. You can also double-click elsewhere on the particular search row to rerun that search.


Remember that you can sort by either the Date or the No. column, depending on what you prefer.


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