Managing Custom Data Fields

If you have the Custom Data Fields feature enabled, and you have the rights to administer custom data fields, you'll see several new options in your Start menu

How to Access Custom Data Fields Admin Features

The Custom Fields administrative features are available to customers who have:

  • Purchased the Custom Fields add-on module
  • Have administrative access rights

The options are located on the Start Menu in the bottom left of the application.

Brief Description of Each Major Function

Manage Users:

In Manage Users, you manage your users, assign them to groups, and give access rights to your users.  

Manage Fields and Forms:

In Manage Fields and Forms, you can create new data fields, create new forms for the data fields, and assign access rights to the various fields to users and groups.

Upload Custom Data:

Use Upload Custom Data to upload data in mass.  The data must be in .csv files (see Importing Custom Data into AcclaimIP in this help manual for more information). Only users that have been given at least one Bulk permission will be able to see this option.

Upload History:

Upload History is a basic utility to view what data has been uploaded to your custom fields, by whom, and when they did it.



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