Setting Preferences

You can customize your research session by changing the application's default settings in your Preferences.  Some other Preferences you can set include:

  • Look and feel of the application and reports AcclaimIP generates.
  • Search options tabs available to you by default.
  • Default window size to accommodate different screen sizes.
  • Change which data render and in which order they appear by default.
  • Modify auto-save settings such as how many recent searches AcclaimIP remembers automatically.
  • Set the idle time before AcclaimIP automatically logs you out and terminates your session.

The number of Preferences you can set has been  reduced in the last couple of years.  We are moving to a more efficient model where the last configuration set in the UI becomes your new default.  For example you search on just EP patents, the next time you open the Search window, EP will be the new default collection, since that was your last setting in the Countries/Authorities field.

Accessing Preferences

Accessing Preferences

Access your preferences by choosing the Preferences option from the Start menu.

Changing Preferences

The Preferences window is organized by a series of tabs that cover different sections of the application.

To set your preferences:

  1. To open, click Start>Preferences.
  2. Make changes.
  3. Click Save.

Setting Columns and Column Order

Setting Columns and Column Order

AcclaimIP lets you determine which columns appear by default when you execute a search.  AcclaimIP has over 70 (and growing) columns which can appear in your search results.  Most searchers want to see from 6 to 10 columns depending on the type of search they are doing.  

Notice the left column above displays  the available field codes which will vary depending on the type of plan you purchased.  If you want them to appear in your search results by default, drag and drop them into the box on the right.  You can add more than one at a time by using the shift or control key and highlighting more than one before you add them. Within the selected field set, change the order in which the columns appear by dragging and dropping.  You must click Save in order for the changes you have made to your defaults to take effect.  Clicking Close without saving your new preferences will keep your previous preferences intact.

Steps for setting default columns:

  1. Open Start>Preferences>Result Grids (tab)
  2. Drag and drop the columns from the Available field set to the Selected field set.
  3. Click Save button

If your account has Custom Fields enabled, the fields you defined, and to which you have rights, will appear in the Custom Fields section in the Preference window.  If you do not have Custom Fields enabled, then this section will not appear in your preferences.


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