Granted Patent Number Field (GPN)

The GPN field helps you understand the status of applications.  When an application is granted, AcclaimIP inserts the granted patent number in the parent application's GPN field. GPN works on all collections (countries).

The GPN field answers the following question - Which of my applications have granted, and if they have granted what is the patent number of the grant?

You can also query the field directly.  GPN requires a patent number as the argument and returns an application in your result.

GPN Field in the Search Result Grid

GPN Field in the Search Result Grid

In the figure above, notice that the GPN (Granted Patent Number) is blank if the application is still pending.  This is because if it is pending, the application has no child patent to reference.  The Application Status (a UI treatment of the PEND field code) column is a companion field that shows either Pending or Granted.  If the application is "granted" then there will be a patent number in the APN field.

GPNs are processed weekly.



In the figure above, the query was GPN:US8532240.  The result is a patent application.


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