Compatible Browsers

AcclaimIP is a web application and is accessible using virtually any browser.  We make extensive use of JavaScript, and we recommend the most recent version of the browser you choose which will always have the fastest possible JavaScript engine.

We highly recommend using a Chromium based browser.

Compatible Browsers List

Compatible Browsers List
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Apple Safari

Less Compatible Browsers List

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)

We are technically compatible with IE, but we can't recommend it since some features don't work as well with IE (especially exporting large volumes of patents).  If you are required to run IE, then we recommend the most recent version of the browser.  AcclaimIP doesn't work with IE8 and below.  

Microsoft's Edge browser should work fine, but again, some features may work strangely or not at all.

Other Browsers

We do not test on browsers such as Opera and other more niche browsers.  Most of them should work fine, but we have had a few reports of incompatibility.


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