Unique Assignment Events Field (ANA_ANRE_EXE_CT)

To query patents by the number of unique assignment events associated with a patent, use the ANA_ANRE_EXE_CT field code.

Patents with lots of assignment events are sometimes difficult to unwind when trying to clear the title before a transaction takes place.  The ANA_ANRE_EXE_CT analysis field helps you determine which patents may require additional work to clear the title.

It is not used very often, but it is a handy measure of the potential complexity of a transaction.

To double check you have inventor releases in place, you can query the field by querying for patents where the field is empty by using the following:


You can then narrow down your search by assignee, or issue date, or any of a number of different options, as needed.



  • FIELD:isEmptyANA_ANRE_EXE_CT  -->  Finds patents with no logged events in the Assignments tab.  This may be helpful to ensure you have the proper inventor recorded at the USPTO.
  • ANA_ANRE_EXE_CT:[8 to 20]  -->  Finds patents with from 8 to 20 logged events in the Assignments tab.

NOTE:  As you can see from the example above, assignment events could include multiple different actions, such as a change of name, or an assignment of assignor's interests.


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