The Keyword Analysis Tools

Keyword Tools Background

The keyword analysis tools save you time, and they all work together.  Sometimes one tool will be more useful than others depending on the approach to your search.

View the next three articles for details on each of the Tools AcclaimIP offers.


AcclaimIP offers multiple ways to analyze keywords in patents.

  1. Keyword Counter -->  Counts the frequency of occurrence of terms and strings in a single patent, and provides tools to construct queries.
  2. Keyword Crossreferencing Tool (single patent) -->  Ranks the "importance" of terms using a BM25 algorithm and helps construct weighted queries.
  3. Document Clustering  -->  Bundles patents into multi-tiered themes from a set of up to 1,000 patents.
  4. Find Similar Advanced keyword analysis (single or multiple patents) -->  Counts important terms from a set of up to 10 different patents, counts intersections, and constructs weighted queries. For more information on this, please see FINDING SIMILAR DOCUMENTS

Where to Find the Keyword Analyzer Tools

The keyword analyzer tools are accessed either from the Document Details window (when analyzing a single patent) or from the Search Results window (when analyzing multiple patents).

From the Document Details Window:

  • The Find Similar Advanced keyword search (for a single patent) tool (1) is located in the Document Details Analyze menu, under "Extracted Terms." For more information on this, please see Find Similar Advanced Keyword Analysis Tool (Single Patent)
  • The Keyword Crossreferencing Tool is found in the Keywords tab (2).

From the Search Results Grid:

  • The Find Similar keyword analysis (for multiple patents) is found in the Selected menu (3) (the Selected option only appears when at least one document is selected in the Search Results grid). Note that the difference between the selections is that Find Similar (Limit 10) runs the search immediately, whereas the Find Similar Advanced (Limit 10) allows you to change the search.
  • Cluster options are found in the Search Results Analyze menu (4). For more information on this, please see Find Similar Advanced Keyword Analysis Tool (Multiple Documents)


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