Filter by Guessed Assignee Field (ANA_ANG)

If you want to view documents with no current assignee name, but those that AcclaimIP guessed, use the ANA_ANG field code.

ANA_ANG is a Boolean which means the only acceptable values are True or T, or False or F. Booleans are not case sensitive, so ANA_ANG:T and ANA_ANG:true return the same results.

When patents and applications are published with blank assignee names, AcclaimIP can guess them with a high degree of confidence.  We use fields such as inventor name and address fields, agent name and address fields, date fields and classification fields to guess the likely assignee of each.  When the confidence level is above a certain threshold, we publish the guessed assignee name in the ANG (Assignee Normalized Guessed) field, AND mark the ANA_ANG field as True.

Very often, patent applications are published with no assignee name on them, but when the patent grants, the applicant adds their name to the granted patent.  In these cases, AcclaimIP replaces the guessed assignee name on the application with the official assignee name from the granted patent.  AcclaimIP also removes the asterisk from the Current Assignee field ( * ) and flips the ANA_ANG to False.

What a Guessed Assignee Looks Like

What a Guessed Assignee Looks Like


  • ANA_ANG:T  -->  Finds all documents with a guessed assignee name.
  • ANA_ANG:T AND ANG:(Google Inc) -->  Finds all documents with no canonical assignee name, but where AcclaimIP guesses that "Google Inc" owns it.


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