Assignee City Field (AC)

Sometimes it is nice to understand where patents are coming from. Assignee addresses are broken up by city, state, and country. Use the AC field code to query for assignee city.

Querying AC returns patents where the assignee address is in that city.


  • AC:Austin
  • AC:("Los Altos" OR "Mountain View")
  • AC:(Springfield) AND AS:IL  -->  Because "Springfield" is a common city name, I also used the state query here.

In the example above, I searched for AC:Austin (1).  By looking under the Document Details window, both in the Assignee Cur. field (2) and in the Assignments tab (3), we see the latest Assignee is "NXP USA INC."  Clicking the assignor green link (4) takes you to the USPTO website (the lower image) which shows you the address for the Assignee (i.e., Austin, the city I searched for).


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