Working with Projects

In AcclaimIP, you can keep track of multiple projects you are working. Maybe you are doing projects for different clients and want to keep your search history for each client separate. Maybe you know that you are working on certain searches now, and want to run those searches and build on that project in the future. With projects in AcclaimIP, you can separate out these project searches to make it easier for you to track what you are doing.

Projects allows you to:

  • Create projects to track a specific search history and set of viewed documents
  • Instantly switch from project to project
  • Export only a specific project's search history
  • Projects are automatically saved indefinitely

The Projects Dashboard Bar

By default, the Projects Dashboard Bar sits at the top of your AcclaimIP desktop. You can also minimize it to the taskbar, or expand it to see additional information.

The Compact View

The compact view is the default view for the Projects Dashboard Bar. From here, you can quickly do most anything you would need to do with projects.

1) Click on the gear to create a new project.

2) Click on the swap icon to switch between your default project and the last project you were working in. What your default project is can be changed in the Projects Admin (see below). Also note that if you have not worked in any other project, or you delete the last project you were working in, this will be unavailable for you. You have to choose a project from the dropdown list.

3) Click on the down arrow to use the dropdown list to navigate between any projects you have created. In this case, the default "My Project" is displayed. What your default project is can be changed in the Projects Admin (see below).

4) The magnifying glass icon shows the number of searches in the project.

5) The document icon shows number of documents viewed within the project.

6) Use the arrow to show the Expanded View (see below).

7) Clicking on the minimize ( - ) icon removes the Projects Dashboard Bar from your desktop and places it into the taskbar in the bottom right corner next to the clock (see below).

The Expanded View

By clicking on the down arrow, you can see the additional data for the project in focus in the expanded view. This is information you entered when you created the project. You can also edit this information from the Projects Admin. This information includes three fields:

1) Type - select from the dropdown list of project types

2) Reference - a short reference name or number for the project

3) Description - here you can write out a longer description of your project

The Taskbar View

The Taskbar View is for when you want the Projects Dashboard Bar out of your way. Perhaps you are working on one large project, or do not need to separate and track your searches. In this case, you can minimize the bar into the bottom right of the taskbar by clicking the minimize ( - ) icon on the far right.

To maximize the bar back to the top of your AcclaimIP desktop, simply click on the minimized taskbar and it will be restored. 


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