Original Assignee Field (AN_ORIG)

If you want to search ONLY the original assignee name as printed on the document, you can use the AN_ORIG field code.

Unlike the AN field code, AN_ORIG searches ONLY the original name as printed on the patent document.  This field is NOT normalized, and includes punctuation, misspellings, and crazy variants of all the assignee names.

The field is useful for looking up specific misspellings of a name.


AN_ORIG:hewlet  -->  Finds this specific misspelling of the assignee name (hewlet instead of hewlett).

Viewing Misspelled Assignee Names in AcclaimIP

Viewing Misspelled Assignee Names in AcclaimIP

The above image is an example of a search for the original name on the document, with the misspelling "Hewlet."  There are a few things you should take note of in this example.

  1. The AN_ORIG query was used with the specific misspelling.
  2. The names in the Search Result grid have been normalized and the spelling fixed.  These are always normalized to make it easier for you to search through.
  3. The name in the Document Details contains the spelling mistake.  Notice that the Assignee Orig. field contains both the normalized name and the original misspelling.


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