Number of Claims Field (ANA_CLM_CT)

To query patents by the total number of claims, use the ANA_CLM_CT field code.

Claim count is a value indicator, especially since the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act rules went into effect in 2013 requiring additional examination fees if a patent contains more than 3 independent claims and/or 20 total claims.  Those fees can add up very quickly.  Patents that are older than those rules, however, may have different value indicators.


ANA_CLM_CT:[26 to *]  -->  Finds patents with 26 or more claims.

ANA_CLM_CT:[500 to *] AND CC:US AND APD:[2013 to NOW]  -->  Finds patents with more than 500 claims that were filed in the US since 2013.  To give you some indication of how rare these are, at the time of writing, there were 5.  They must have been really important to someone!


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