Quick View of Available Preferences

The Preferences window contains a row of tabs where you can set preferences for different part of the application.  Here is a list of the settable options in AcclaimIP, broken down by tab.  

Look & Feel Tab:

  1. Background Color & Image:  You can change the color of the blue (by default) desktop by choosing another color from the color picker.  If you have a very precise color in mind, you can type in the hexidecimal value for that color (e.g. #2d683a).  
  2. Background Image and Browse Image Library:  This option is if you want your own custom wallpaper on the AcclaimIP desktop.  Click the Browse Image Library button, then upload your image to the library.  Once uploaded, turn Background Image on.
  3. Printed Reports:  You can output custom reports with your own color scheme, logo, and footer text.  (You can also modify this from the Reports folder.)

Searching Tab:

  1. Search Window Tabs: Choose which tabs will be viewable on the Search Window (e.g., Query Builder, Number Search, etc.)
  2. Default Search Options:  Choose which search options you want to by default. Clicking the blue Restore Search Options circle icon in the upper right corner of the Search Options will return the search options to this default configuration.
    1.  Countries/Authorities/Collections: Choose which set of the 100+ authorities AcclaimIP has that you want to search by default.
    2.  Patent Types (US Only): When searching in the US, you can choose whether to limit to a particular type (Utility, Design, etc.) When searching anywhere else, leave this on All Global Types.
    3. Date Fields:  Pick the range and date type to search by default.  The most common is the last 20 years (NOW-20YEARS) and File Date.  You can easily fill the date range with the 4 most common options using the Autofill Options menu.
    4. Word Stemming:  Choose whether or not you want AcclaimIP to include stemmed results.  For example, if you searched "Computer" with Word Stemming on, AcclaimIP would return documents containing "compute," "computing," "computed," etc.
    5. Rep. Only:  When turned on, AcclaimIP will remove all of the application patent family members from the search results, except for a single representative document. 
    6. Family Dedupe:  When turned on, AcclaimIP will remove all of the patent family members from the search results, except for a single representative document.
    7.  Document Type: Choose whether you want to search for Grants only, Applications only, or All types.
    8.  Document Status: Choose whether you want to see only Active documents, only Inactive documents, or all types. Remember that in AcclaimIP, for Inactive, along with expired and abandoned documents, once an application has been granted, the grant is the Active document and the application is changed to Inactive.

Result Grids Tab:

  1. Default Columns:  Select which columns you want to appear in your search results by default.  You can always add or remove any column on the fly.
  2. Custom Fields:  Depending on which plan you have purchased, you may have access to Custom Fields.  If you do, they will work similarly to the Default Columns above (see sections 14 and 15 of this manual for more information).
  3. Sort Order:  The order in which your search results are returned.  For optimal results, we recommend you keep Relevance/Descending as the default sort order.  But for certain types of searches you may wish to change the default sort order.
  4. Width and Height:  Change the default size of the Search Results window by setting the width in pixels.
  5. Results per Page:  Set the number of results you want to see before you have to paginate to see the next set of results.  Infinite scrolling works better in some browsers than in others, so the recommended is 100 results per page.
  6. Refinement Panel Open at Start:  The refinement panel contains the default filters on the left side of the Search Result window.  Choose whether you want it to open by default.  We recommend you set it to Open unless you are using a very small screen.
  7. Keyword Highlighting:  Tell AcclaimIP if you want keywords in your searches to be highlighted by default.  You can turn on/off highlighting on the fly.  Note:  You set Keyword highlighting separately for the Document Details window.
  8. Remember Column Widths:  When turned on, if you drag the columns in the Search Results window to make them wider or narrower, AcclaimIP will remember your choice for subsequent Search Results windows.
  9. Wrap Cell Values:  When turned on, the height of the rows in the Search Results grid will expand to fit the data.  For example, if in the first result, the title is one word, and for the second result, the title is 60 words, the height of the row for the second result will be much greater.  When this is turned off, the height of every row will all be uniform, and any words that cannot fit into the cell will be cut off.

Document Details Tab:

  1. Width and Height:  Set the default size of the Document Details window in pixels.
  2. Document History Size:  Set how many documents AcclaimIP will remember so that you can recall them later if you had not yet saved them to a Research Folder.
  3. Keyword Highlighting:  The same feature as in the Result Grids tab, but for the Document Details window.
  4. Split tabs:  Allows you to see two of the patent application information tabs (Claims, Specifications, Assignments, etc.) at the same time in the same Document Details window.  You can also turn this on directly from the Document Details window, on the fly.
  5. Automatically open document when only one hit:  If a search result contains only one result, you have the option to have AcclaimIP automatically open the Document Details window for that document.
  6. Image Panel Open at Start:  The Image Panel is on the left of the Document Details window and contains the figures.  It is in an accordion style window.  Tell AcclaimIP if you want it opened or closed by default.  We recommend it is opened by default, unless you are using a very small monitor.

System Tab:

  1. Idle Time Before Logout:  Tell AcclaimIP how long to wait before it automatically logs you out.  There are several fairly standard options to choose from.
  2. Cascade Windows:  This option automatically opens new windows with a slight offset so you can see the windows behind it.  Try experimenting with the option and see which you prefer.
  3. Open Search on Start:  This option automatically opens the Search window when you log in.



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