Assignee in the Chain of Custody (ANRE_CHAIN)

To query assignee names that appear anywhere in the chain of custody, you can use the ANRE_CHAIN field code.  The chain of custody includes the current and original assignee plus any assignee who may have owned or claimed interest in the patent at any time in the patent's lifecycle.

To see the entire chain of custody of a patent document, open the Document Details window and then click the Assignments tab in the middle of the window.


  • ANRE_CHAIN:(Hewlett Packard) --> Finds patents where Hewlett Packard is anywhere in the chain of custody.
  • ANRE_CHAIN:(Hewlett Packard) NOT ANC:(Hewlett Packard) NOT ANO:(Hewlett Packard) -->  Finds patents that were not originally owned or currently owned, but were owned at some point by Hewlett Packard.
  • ANRE_CHAIN:((Hewlett Packard) AND JPMorgan) --> Finds patents where both names appear in the chain of custody.

The last query here is a good one to identify patents that need to be double checked that all security interests have been released prior to a transaction.

Viewing a Patent's Chain of Custody

Viewing a Patent's Chain of Custody

You view a patent's chain of custody in the Document Detail's Assignments tab (1):

Power Move:

Notice the linked Assignor field (2) shows green links.  This means that it will link to a page OUTSIDE of AcclaimIP.  These links link you to the assignment event page at the site.


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