Current US Class (CCL)

To query documents by their US Class, use the CCL field code.

Keep in mind that US classes evolve over time, and patents are continuously re-classified.  So the classes printed on the printed patent (PDF) may not match the classes we have on record.

The CCL query finds documents classified in the specified class by both Primary and Cross Reference classifications

AcclaimIP processes the new classification file when it is released.  At present, the new classification file is released six times per year.


  • CCL:345 -->  Includes all documents in the class 345.
  • CCL:345/173 --> Query matches documents in the class 345/173.

Power Move:

Note that the second query, CCL:345/173, finds documents in this particular class (touch screen input devices).  However, the majority of documents "in" this class will be missed using this query, because the patents are not explicitly "in" 345/173.  Rather, they are classified in children classes covering more specific implementations of touch screen inventions.

In this case, use the SCLS query instead.  The SCLS search is inclusive of children classes.


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