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Searching Using The Query Builder Search Tab

A quick overview of some of the Query Builder tab options. The Query Builder tab is the easiest way of getting started building simple to very complex search strings with the AcclaimIP field codes, and is recommended for everyone from beginners to experts.

AcclaimIP has hundreds of different field codes you can use to query the patent data. In the Field column (1), start typing what data field you want to search. You can either type a particular field code (e.g., TTL) or you can type the "plain English" term to see what field codes are available. In the above example, typing "title" will show me that AcclaimIP has four different field codes that search at least the title. In the Value column (2) you can then type the search terms that you are looking for.

Adding Clauses And Groups

In order to return the most comprehensive, precise set of data, you may need to build in various types of clauses in a single search string. 

1) If you click and hold the hamburger icon (the three lines) you can drag a row and drop it elsewhere in the search string (note - you cannot drop it into another group).

2) Use the dropdown to choose if you want AND, OR, or NOT as the operator for that particular row.

3) "Add new clause" will add a single, blank row for you to use.

4) "Add new group" will add a new grouping of rows, set off by parentheses. You can also have groups within groups, but only up to three groups deep.

5) The red minus box will immediately delete that single row.

6) The Clear button will immediately delete all rows and reset the search form.

Field Codes

To view the Field Codes available to you, click the Help icon on the AcclaimIP desktop or the Help & Guides on the Search box.  You'll notice a series of tabs at top which includes Syntax Instructions, Field Code Guide, Column Definitions, and Document Codes.  

A handy PDF of the Cheat Sheet can be downloaded by clicking the Download PDF button in the bottom of the Help window's toolbar.

Field Code Guide Instructions

In the Field Code Guide, you can search the fields, including the Field Code itself, the Name of the field code, or the Field Set column, using the Search Fields box in the top right. Once you find the field code you are looking for, clicking on the field code itself will bring up more information about the field code, syntax examples, etc.

Syntax Instructions

The Syntax Instructions is a useful document that shows you how to use the advanced syntax and special features, including wild cards and proximity, fuzzy, and range searches.


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