Keyword Crossreferencing Analyzer

The Keyword Crossreferencing analyzer tool counts the term frequency of specific terms found in a single patent.  It is found in the Keywords tab in the Document Details window.  Depending on how wide you set your Document Details window, you may have to scroll to the right a bit to expose the Keywords tab.

This analyzer uses a straight term and string count method.  It breaks up the terms counted in the document into two sets: Term Frequency: Claims Only and Term Frequency: Full Text.  

This analyzer uses stop-terms to remove common words like articles and prepositions, as well as common "patentese" terms like method, apparatus, claim, invention etc.

This analyzer has a tool for creating new queries from the terms found in the patent that are of interest.

Accessing the Keyword Analyzer

The Keyword Analyzer is found on the Keywords tab (1) in the Document Details window.

Once you click on the tab, you will see extracted Keywords & Strings (2) based on Term Frequency on the left side of the panel.  There are two term-sets you can explore under this heading.  One is based on terms extracted from the Claims Only and the other is based on terms extracted from the Full Text of the patent.

Creating a Query from the Keyword Analyzer

  • Check some terms in the left panel (1) that you might find important to your search, and the terms will appear in the right panel (3).
  • You can remove a term by clicking the trash icon (2) next to the term in the right window, or unchecking the term in the left window.
  • Notice that the source is listed as "TF (term frequency): Full Text" (4).  The query generated will query the full text of the patent.
  • Click the Search (5) button.

Preview Your Query

Notice the number 189 in the No. Documents in Intersection field (1).  This means that there are 189 documents matching the query.  This step gives you the opportunity to further narrow your search results by adding more terms to the query, or expanding your search results by deleting terms from the query.

Also notice that the Search button is now the View Documents button (2).  You might want to experiment around a little bit and modify the query a few times before you click the View Documents button (2).  This will give you some idea of how often your chosen terms and strings appear in the corpus of patent documents.  If you do modify the query, the Search button will reappear, and you will have to click the Search button again to run the new query.

When you are satisfied, click the View Documents (2) button and view the results in a Search Results grid.

Viewing and Modifying Search Results

Once the query is executed by clicking the View Documents button, the standard Search Results window appears.  All of the filters and facets work like any other search.

The query you created in the keyword analyzer is generated automatically by the system and is displayed in the Query field (1) of the Refine Search panel.  You can then modify this search query manually, if you so choose.



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