Sharing Matrix Landscapes

You can share matrices with other members of your team.  Often you'll find that the results of your matrices will be much better if you work with other team members.  Other times the company's expert user will develop the matrices then deliver it in the tool by sharing it with the project manager.

Share a Matrix

To share a matrix, open the Matrix Manager window (1), select the matrix you want to share (2) and click the Share button (3).

Note that you can also open up the Matrix Manager from the AcclaimIP Start button.

Choose Users and Set Permissions

Once you click the Share button the Manage Sharing window will appear.  You'll find other users in your group.  Choose the user(s) with whom you want to share the matrix, and set their permissions.

  1. None:  Users with None cannot see your matrix
  2. Read:  Users with Read permissions can open and view your matrix, but they cannot edit it or make changes to your matrices.  Read users can, however,  open your your matrix and choose Save As to save a copy which will then be editible.
  3. Write:  Write permissions gives other users almost the same access to the matrix that you have.  There is a locking mechanism in place, so only one Write user can have the matrix open at the same time.  The matrix owner has ultimate control and can revoke other write users access on the spot, but shared Write uses cannot revoke the matrix owner's access, and are required to open in Read mode if the owner is currently viewing or editing the matrix.

Opening Shared Matrices

To open a matrix that has been shared with you.  Click the Shared Matrix Queries tab in the Matrix Query Manager window.  This tab holds all matrices that other users own, but are shared with you.

In this example, I can see just one matrix shared with me called "Filing dedupe by country" owned by Steve Bachler.


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