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Prosecution Analytics Report

The Prosecution Analytics Report is designed to give you incredibly powerful insight into USPTO examiners, competitors, agents, technology spaces, etc. based on US data.

For example, let's say you file an application with the USPTO and you are then assigned to a particular examiner. You want to take a look at the examiner to determine how difficult it will be to get your application through. The Prosecution Analytics Report gives you insight here.

Likewise, perhaps you are comparing agents and want to see their allowance rate, you can do that with the Prosecution Analytics Report, as well.

How To Access From A Document

The Patent Analytics Report is available on US patent documents only in AcclaimIP. To access it inside the system, simply click the Reports dropdown in far right of the toolbar of any Document Details window, and click Prosecution. The Prosecution Analytics Report will then pop up in another window on the AcclaimIP desktop.


1) If the Document Details window is too small (e.g., you reduced the size of the Document Details window to give you more screen real estate) you may see our hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the far right. In that case, clicking that gives you a fly out menu of the other, now "hidden" options.

2) As with the other windows you can pop out of the Document Details window (and the Document Details window itself), if you click on any of the left/right arrows at the top left (in the Document Details, the PAR, etc.) all of the related windows will change to reflect the new document you are looking at from your search.

How To Access From A Search Result

The Patent Analytics Report is also available from any set of search results, directly from the Search Results grid. Simply click Analyze-->US Prosecution Analytics to pull up the report.

Because the report is based on US documents only, you will see on the search string, in the Flattened Base Query portion of the report, that AcclaimIP appends "AND CC:US" to whatever search you have. This is to ensure that even if the base query that you ran has EP, DE, JP, etc. documents, that the Prosecution Analytics Report only covers US documents. This means that you can run this report on literally any search you do, but do note that if your search does not include any US documents (e.g., you've limited your search to only EP documents) then the report will be blank.

The Document Centric Report

You can access the Prosecution Analytics in two different ways for a reason. Although similar, the reports are designed with different purposes in mind, and this allows some differences in the data and the ways the reports can be presented. In this section, we are looking at the report that is directly accessed from a document.

As you can see above, the report has a lot of different information taken directly from the target document, such as the tombstone data, the prosecution timeline, art unit, etc.

1) As with many AcclaimIP windows (e.g., the document details window) you can lock the Patent Analysis Report to make sure this particular report stays, even if you open another one.

2) As with many AcclaimIP windows, the arrows here allow you to move forwards and backwards through your search results. These arrows are linked to the other related windows (e.g., the document details or if you've popped out the images).

3) Clicking this button will copy a signed link to the Prosecution Analytics Report that you can share with anyone (even if they don't have AcclaimIP). As long as they have internet access, anyone can use this link. Please see the Sharing Links section below.

4) Clicking this button will download a PDF version of the Prosecution Analytics Report. Note that although in the live version, you have various toggle options available to you to see different data on the same chart (e.g., the File Data/Published Data in #9 below), on the the PDF version, these options do not exist.

5) Clicking this button will download a PDF version of the target patent document. This is not the Prosecution Analytics Report, but the filed document with the patent authority.


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