Current US Class with Children Classes Field (SCLS)

It is usually better and more inclusive if your class queries include children classes, too.  To include children classes, use the SCLS field code rather than the CCL field code.

US patents are continuously reclassified by the USPTO.  As a result, the classes on the printed patent (PDF) may not match those in AcclaimIP's database.  AcclaimIP process the new classification file when it is released.  At present, the new classification file is released six times per year.



The US Classification system is hierarchical.  Using the SCLS field code, AcclaimIP can query the hierarchy as well as automatically adding children classes.  To view the entire hierarchy for all classes go here:

  • SCLS:711/100 -->  Returns patents in all 711 "storage accessing and control" classifications with one short query. In other words, this query includes all of the children classifications, such as 100, 102, 114, etc.
  • SCLS:345/156 -->  Queries over 20 classes covering "input devices" with one query.

Power Move:

Use the PSCLS (notice the leading "P") field code to query all children classes but only by the primary (USPTO calls this the OR or the Original Classification).


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