Managing Users & Groups

The Managing Users feature is designed to:

  • Create groups
  • Add and remove users from groups
  • Give certain users custom field admin privileges

Adding a New Custom Fields User

To add a user, first add them in your normal My Account admin (in the Manage Users tab) and assign them to a seat (in the Manage Seats tab).  The new users will be added to AcclaimIP but will not have access to Custom Fields.  As a security measure, a second step is required.  After they are added, contact your AcclaimIP representive and ask that custom fields be enabled for them. For AQX users, please note that this second step is not necessarily required, depending on how you are set up. The user must click through at least once from your AQX to AcclaimIP, but once that is done, if you can see the user in the Manage Users & Groups, then you do not need to contact us to have the user enabled. If you do not see the user in the Users & Groups manager, please let us know and we can add that user to your Custom Fields.

It only takes a few minutes and will ensure that your custom data is not inadvertently accessed by personnel you don't wish to access it.

Creating a Group

Groups are designed to efficiently manage access rights.  For example if your legal team needs to see certain fields, you can create a group called "Legal" and assign those users to the group.  When you subsequently create data fields, you can give access rights to a group and all members of that group will have the same access privileges.

Access User Admin

Go to Start menu and choose Manage User (1).

Click the Groups tab in Focus

Click the Groups tab in Focus

Click +Add (1).

Name the Group

Name the Group

Name the Group (1) and click Enter on your keyboard.

Add Users to the Group

Add Users to the Group

Drag the users you want to assign to the group from the Available set  of names (1) to the Selected set of names (2) and click Save button (3).

That's about it.  You will assign access rights to individual users or to groups in the Manage Users>Users section.

Making Users Custom Field Admins

Very often the job of managing custom fields will be given to multiple people in the organization.  For example one person might be in change of doing the bulk uploads available to other users.  Another person might be managing an ad hoc technical team with fluid requirements, and he or she will need to add and delete fields as required.

Open User Admin and Put Users tab in focus

Open User Admin and Put Users tab in focus

Put the Users tab (1) in focus and click on a user name (2).

On the right side you'll see which groups the user is assigned to and two check boxes.

  • Admin: If you want the user to have admin rights, check the Admin option (3).
  • Bulk: If you want the user to have the ability to Upload and overwrite data to your custom fields, check the Bulk option (4).
  • You can drag groups back and forth from the Available to the Selected User Groups fields to change which user groups the user is in.
  • Once you have made a selection or correction, you can Save your settings (5).


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