Term Extension Field Code (ANA_EXT_DAYS)

Query the number of days a patent's term has been extended by the USPTO using the ANA_EXT_DAYS field code.  The ANA_EXT_DAYS holds the number of days the patent term has been extended due to 35 U.S.C. 154(b).

It is often useful to search using a range query.

For Example:

ANA_EXT_DAYS:[366 to *]  -->  Returns patents with term extensions longer that one year (366 days or greater).

Some users also want to see patents that have no term extensions.  You can use the FIELD field code to look for patents with no term extensions.

For Example:

FIELD:isEmptyANA_EXT_DAYS -->  Returns patents with no term extension.

Example Chart

The chart below uses multi-series charting to display two queries together for utility patents:

Query 1:


Query 2:



Example Chart

Google's US Patent Portfolio by Existence of Term Extensions

The chart below was made using a series of range queries and the ANA_EXT_DAYS field code.  I used a stack bar to indicate that each year is represented by a whole bar, which is then broken up into individual segments.

Google's US Patent Portfolio by Existence of Term Extensions


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