The Default Field Set

When searching in AcclaimIP you can specify field codes to search only with specific fields. For example, to search patent abstracts for light emitting diode, you would type ABST:(light emitting diode).  ABST tells AcclaimIP to look in the abstract field only.

When you do NOT specify a field code, AcclaimIP searches a set of fields called the Default Field Set.

Fields Included in the Default Field Set

The following fields are included in the default field set:

  • Title (TTL)
  • Abstract (ABST)
  • Claims (ACLM)
  • Specification/Description (SPEC)
  • Special Field (ATOF)

ATOF is an acronym for All The Other Fields and holds data for every other field.  Because of the ATOF field, you can search on patent numbers, inventor names, and any item contained anywhere in the patent document without explicitly specifying the field you want to search.

Example Searches

  • ABST:"Coffee Maker"
  • ATOF:US8633912
  • SPEC:"Thomas Edison"~3
  • ACLM:(light NOT diode)
  • ATOF:(Oblon, Spivak)

Searching the Default Field Set

Searching the Default Field Set

If you type in words, strings, and/or Booleans (AND, OR, NOT) in the Search field, without specifying a field code, you are searching the Default Field Set.  You can think about the Default Field Set as basically every field in the patent.  So in the example above, the Search Results might include documents with the string "Thomas Edison" in any and every field in the document.  The search results will include any patents with Thomas Edison as the inventor, but the search will also return any documents with mention of Thomas Edison in the abstract, title, claims, specification, etc.


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