AcclaimIP - Layout and Access

The AcclaimIP patent search and analysis software program is web based.  This means you access the software using a standard web browser from any computer to which you have access.

You can login from other computers.  We do not tie the software to a particular domain, IP address, or MAC address.  Many of our users do their research outside of the office in the quiet of the evening and appreciate being able to login from any computer.

View of Windowing System

The windowing interface should be familiar to most users.  Various windows you'll find in the application include, but are not limited to:

  1. Search Result Grid
  2. Document Details Window
  3. Search Window
  4. Preferences Window
  5. Various Charting Windows
  6. Document Cluster Window
  7. My Account Window
  8. Matrix Query Window
  9. ConceptScape Window
  10. Query Flow Window
  11. Competitive Intelligence Dashboard
  12. Export and Import Options Dialog
  13. Research Folders Window
  14. Image Viewing Windows
  15. Custom Fields Windows
  16.  Alert Manager
  17.  IP Strategy Dashboards
  18. Help Window
  19. Support Window

More details about these and other windows in AcclaimIP may be found in other sections of this help manual.

Note - this is all inside of one tab. AcclaimIP does not let you open multiple tabs in the browser, itself.

Access Levels

AcclaimIP has several levels of access available, depending on your needs and your budget. The general breakdown is:


When you are looking to for more general search capabilities. Still have access to all of the documents in the system, but are lacking some of the powerful analytics tools AcclaimIP has to offer, and some of the specific data on a patent (e.g., the USPTO file wrapper, Ultimate Assignee, etc.)


All of the access of the Searcher, plus access to the USPTO File Wrapper


When you are looking to do more than just searching, the Analyst grants you access to additional powerful analytics tools


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