TAC Field Code (Title, Abstract, Claims)

The TAC field code is used when you want to search for keywords, terms, and phrases in any of the Title, Abstract, or Claims fields.

The examples below can be used in conjunction with any number of other field codes to construct complex queries.

The TAC field code is designed to give you a targeted search on only the Title, Abstract, or Claims fields.  It does not search any of the other fields available in AcclaimIP.  In other words, the TAC field code eliminates searching the specification and any of the ancillary fields found in the Default Field set.

Take a look at the following example:

TAC:(torque NEAR2 limiting)

The above search is the same as the following:

TTL:(torque NEAR2 limiting) OR ABST:(torque NEAR2 limiting) OR ACLM:(torque NEAR2 limiting)

The TAC field code can, therefore, save you time when you want to only search through the fields in a document that will give you an idea of what the inventors and the patent attorney or agent feel are the most important points of the invention without being too expansive.  The title, abstract, and claims fields in a document can give you this more targeted, main idea search, without you having to search through the whole specification, or any of the ancilliary fields found in the Default Field set, such as the inventor's address, the country code, etc.


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