Charting in AcclaimIP

As you have seen, charting can be very useful and very powerful.  AcclaimIP allows you to chart your data in a variety of different ways, depending on your needs at the time.  Additionally, you can modify your charts on the fly without having to go back to the search data.  Once you have created the charts and modified them to your liking, you can save them or print them for use.

Charting Your Search Results

Assume that you created a search where you searched for similar patents related to "power management" or "power saving" on a mobile device, and maybe did some other modifications to your search.  When you finished that, you decided you want to chart the results by the current assignees.

In order to chart the results of your search, choose Chart>Chart by Assignee>By Assignee (Current) (1).  Clicking on By Assignee (Current) then brings up the chart below, which you can customize if you desire.

Modifying and Customizing Charts

Charting by Assignee automatically brings up a bar chart.  However, you can change the chart type (1) or change the assignee from Current to Original, etc.  Let's leave it as a bar chart for the moment.  You can also modify a variety of other things (2), such as changing the labels on the x and y axis, changing the title of the chart (currently "Top Patent Assignees"), and changing the range of companies you want to view on the x-axis by clicking, holding, and dragging the mouse over just the section you want to see in the chart (3). You can use this same select feature (clicking and holding, then dragging the mouse) inside the chart, too, to focus down on a smaller section of the chart.  

A chart with just one data Series can be very useful, but you can also add one or more Series so that you can compare data in the charts.  Under the Multi-Series menu panel, you can add one or more series, and edit the original series search, just by clicking on the magnifying plus icon.  Clicking on this icon creates a new series and automatically copies the original search into the search box.  In this example, I decided I wanted to see which patents had Qualcomm as the current assignee, and then compare that to Apple as the current assignee.  After clicking Update Chart, you can see that in some years, Qualcomm filed more, but in some years, such as 2020, Apple filed a lot more than Qualcomm.  

Note: You can also change the names of the series to something you prefer, as opposed to using Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, etc.  Simple click into those particular fields that you want to change in the Refine Chart panel, and change the labels to what suits you.  You can use the Labels tab to change the chart name, etc.

Printing and Saving Charts

In order to print or download your chart, once you have it the way that you want it, click on the three bars icon on the top right of the chart window.  This menu will give you the option to download the chart in various formats, or to print the chart directly.  

Note that the various download methods may not present the data in the same way it is presented on your screen (or in the image above).  For instance, downloading in XLS format will pull the data out and place it into a spreadsheet format.  You will see the data, itself, as opposed to the colorful chart. 

On the other hand, exporting it as an image will export it in the way you have it presented, including things like values on or off, colors, names, dimensions, etc.


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