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Inclusion and Exclusion Lists

Inclusion and Exclusion lists are powerful components of AcclaimIP's alerting system.  

They work by appending particular documents and their patent families (Family Expansion is ON on the backend, regardless, but still recommend you toggle the Family Expansion to ON), to the base query, and effectively match (or are excluded from) the base query even though technically they may not be matches.  It is probably best to illustrate how they are used by way of example.

One thing to note: Unlike the New Matches query, which evaluates to "true" only one time during the life of the document, the other predefined triggers evaluate to "true again," and may alert on a document multiple times as long as the event itself was new for the first time to the document.

This is a subtle, but important, distinction. If you put in a search looking for a 102 rejection, once the document has a 102, it will have met your search criteria and no longer show up even if it gets another 102. However, if you use the predefined 102 trigger, it will show every time a 102 shows up. That is what is meant by "true again." 

Use Case: Monitor Known Patent Families for New Publications and Specific Predefined Alert Triggers

In this scenario, I first used some existing alerts to monitor a competitor or a technology.  Naturally, I found specific applications that could potentially be problematic for our company for various reasons.  For these targeted documents, I want to alert on new family members and also some global legal status changes and status changes in the US file wrapper for US applications.  I set up a "Watch List" alert like the one below by clicking on the Alert manager and selecting the Inclusions Only (for more information on creating alerts, see the instructions found here).

In this "Watch List" alert, notice that I selected "Inclusions Only."  This removes the need for a base query. 

I also set triggers for a Final Rejection trigger in the US File Wrapper, some Forward Rejection triggers, and a Legal Events trigger for F: IP Right Grant. The New Matches trigger is there automatically and cannot be changed. This is what finds my new family members.

NOTE: When you set this Inclusions Only alert, because of its use cases, the Family Expansion trigger is turned on automatically on the back end. Even if it looks like you have it turned off in the UI, it is turned on on the backend no matter what.

Now to my Watchlist, I add multiple specific documents/families I want to track. From my Search Results grid, I can select the documents I want to add, then click Alerts-->Include Selected, and choose the alert I want to add these documents to. In this case, I'm choosing my Watchlist.

Now anytime a new family member is published, I'll get a New Matches alert displaying that new filing.

In addition, because of the other triggers I set, anytime these documents or their family members (or their US family members for the US centric triggers) hit on one of the triggers I've selected, I'll also be alerted with that appropriate trigger event.

Removing Documents from Inclusion & Exclusion Lists

To remove a document from a list in an alert:

  1. Open the Alert in its Edit window
  2. Click the Inclusions or Exclusions Tab
  3. Click the gray minus-in-circle icon
  4. Save your changes

Use Case 1A: Adding Patents/Apps to Inclusion and Exclusion Lists

To add a patent to either the Include or Exclude list, click the "Alerts" menu which is located on both the Search Result and Document Details windows.

If you are appending documents to either list from the Search Result, first check the documents you want to add, then select Alerts>Exclude Selected, just like you did for the watchlist, above. You can do this for any alert, though. Not just the watchlist. This way, if you have a specific set of triggers that you have set up for a search, but also want a document to alert on those triggers, but the document falls outside of the base search, you don't have to set up a separate alert just for that document.

Use Case 1B: Stop alerting on specific patents/families without impacting the rest of the alert

In this scenario, I have an alert that is working for me quite well, but the base query is a bit overly broad, and it matches on a few patents that don't interest me. I want to remove those patents to make sure they don't trigger any of my alert criteria. 

Select the patents in the search result grid that you no longer want to be notified of status changes in this alert, and select Alerts>Excluded Selected in Alert>'Alert Name' from the Alerts menu. This removes the document from the alert, so that it will never trigger any of the alert criteria.


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