Number of Assignees Field (ANA_AS_CT)

To query patents by the number of unique assignees in the original assignee (applicant) field, use the ANA_AS_CT field code.

The ANA_AS_CT is especially useful when you want to find patents that are co-assigned or those that were collaborated on with another entity.


  • ANA_AS_CT:1 --> Finds patents with exactly one named assignee.
  • ANA_AS_CT:[2 to *] --> Finds patents that are co-assigned with at least one other entity.
  • ANO:(univ california) AND ANA_AS_CT:[2 to *] --> Finds patents that are co-assigned to the University of California system.  If you run this query then filter/facet on "Assignee (Original)," you'll see who they work with.
  • ISD:2013 AND ANA_AS_CT:[2 to *] --> Finds the total number of patents granted in 2013 that were co-assigned.


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