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Finding Similar Natural Language With Class Fingerprinting

AcclaimIP offers another method for finding similar documents using a class profiling technique.

The logic is simple.  If, for example, your source patent is classified in one primary (Original) class and cross references four other classes, doesn't it stand to reason that patents with the most similar class profiles will also be similar to the target patent?

This technique is possible because AcclaimIP's search engine is aware of each classification's relative position in its hierarchy, including all parent and children classes.

Choose Find Similar->Natural Language

On the Document Details window, you will find this option under the Find Similar->Natural Language option (the Find Similar->Extract Terms is here: Find Similar Advanced Keyword Analysis Tool (Single Patent)).

Choosing this option automatically opens a Search Results grid based on the following by default:

  • Claims Only
  • Class Fingerprint->On

This means that the system has run a search to find similar documents based not only on the claims of the target document, but on the class codes as well. Notice that I have pulled up the Display Query window, and you see a fairly complicated search with the various CPC field codes and class codes from the target document.

Available Adjustments

You may want to adjust parts of the automatic search. Once you've tried the Use Class Fingerprint search a few times, you'll see that class fingerprinting is both powerful and doesn't rely on the vagaries of human language.  So while you can turn this off, we do recommend you make the Use Class Fingerprinting tool a part of your search repertoire.

On the other hand, you may want to add search terms (e.g., the target patent was almost right, but missing one or two keys items you'd like to add). You can do this from the Search Results window that is automatically created by the window. For example, you can:

  • Add Field Codes and search terms in the Require Terms box, just like in a normal search results grid
  • Change the search from the default Claims Only to the Full Text of the target patent
  • Remove language from the Claims Only/Full Text box (e.g., it's almost right, but does use a word you would rather not search for in the result set)
  • Change to Prior Art Only (i.e., all results have a priority date previous to the target patent)
  • Select other options as normal (e.g., the filters and facets)


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