Creating Custom Data Fields

To create data field follow these steps:

  • Create the Field
  • Set Permissions (access rights)
  • Optionally, Import Data

Create a New Custom Data Field

Create a New Custom Data Field

Go to Start and choose the Field Admin option.

The Field Admin Window Appears

Custom Fields that you previously defined appear in the left panel (1).  Fields can be placed in folders, for easy grouping and better organization in the user interface.

Click a Field to Edit

Field Code:  The code you define when users want to query the custom field.  The field code will be nested in its parent folder's field code/name.  All custom field codes begin with a leading understore.

Label: The label is a friendlier version of the which appears in the column headers, and data entry windows.

Tooltip:  Provide instructions how to use the field.  Tooltips appear on hover in the user interface.

Field Type:  AcclaimIP supports 15 different field type variations.  This one is a StringSelectField which has pre-defined allowable values.  Options below Field Type will vary depending on the type of field you choose when defining the field.

Allow Multiple...: Checking allows users to select more than one value per patent.  Leaving unchecked requires that users choose one best answer.

Values: Admins define which values are allowable for StringSelectFields.  An short accompanying description is defined here and shown in the user interface.

Custom Fields in the UI

When setting up custom fields, you need to understand how the data defined here is presented in the UI.



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