Parent Case Information (PARN)

The PARN field code may be used to query the parent case information on the patent.  Not all patents have parent documents, so about 2/3rds of patents do not contain any information in their PARN field.  In fact in 2013, 62.9% of all US grants had no parent case information.

The field is useful for may cases.  For example, if you are looking for continuations, divisionals, and CIPs, you can search the PARN field.

Because the PARN field is a free form text field you may have to be creative searching this field to isolate specific types of patents. See examples below.

Parent Case Information in Document Details

Parent Case Data (PARN) is located at the bottom of the Biblio tab on the Document Details window.

Parent Case Data on the Patent PDF

Parent Case Data on the Patent PDF

On the patent PDF, abridged PARN data can be found on page one in the "Related Application Data" field in column one.

Example Searches

  • PARN:continuation  -->  Finds documents with instances of the term "continuation" in the PARN field.
  • PARN:((continuation NEAR3 part) OR CIP) -->  Finds documents with instances of the terms "continuation" and "part" within three words of each other OR containing "CIP".
  • PARN:(11/112,068)  -->  Find documents that reference application number 11/112,068 in the PARN field.  


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