How to Search in AcclaimIP

AcclaimIP allows you to search from various parts of the application.  The  areas where you'll do most of your searching is from these two windows:

  1. Search Window
  2. Search Results' Refine Search Panel

Search Window And Refine Search Panel

Quick Search, Advanced Search, Refine Panel

The Search window (1) appears by default when you login to AcclaimIP.  As you learn more about the software and become familiar using our advanced syntax, you'll start using the Quick Search tab (2) more and more.  There are also advanced search tabs, including options for Fielded Search (3) and Natural Language (3) searching.  When your initial searches render, you can use the Refine Search panel (4) to modify your initial query directly in the Refine Search panel's search field.  You can also filter your search using one or more options available in the pre-defined Search Options (5) and Filter Results (6).


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