Finding Empty Custom Data Fields

You may be familiar with the FIELD field code to find empty data fields in any normal AcclaimIP patent data field.  The FIELD field code also works for custom fields.

For example, let's say you define a custom field to categorize patents, and you name it "Technology" and give it a field code _TAX.TECH.  Remember all custom field codes begin with a leading underscore character to prevent user-defined field codes from colliding with AcclaimIP's standard field codes.

FIELD:isEmpty_TAX.TECH  -->  Finds all patents where the _TAX.TECH custom field contains no data.

You'll find that you'll use this query quite often when you want to track the progress of some workflow you designed for you and your group.  

For example, let's say you want to rate and rank your entire portfolio along several dimensions.  You might create custom fields for your rating system, then query the fields for the empty state (or NotEmpty state) to see how many patents are left to rate.

The inverse is also true:

FIELD:isNotEmpty_TAX.TECH  -->  Finds all patents with data in the _TAX.TECH custom data field.

Finding Not Empty Custom Fields

Finding Not Empty Custom Fields

Notice the query uses the FIELD:isNotEmpty switch targeted to the _TAX.TECH field code (1).  The result are patents which have been tagged with a Technology category (2) which you or your administrator created.

Finding Empty Custom Fields

In this example, we ran the opposite query and found Google's patents that have not yet been tagged with data in the Technology custom field.  Notice the "isEmpty" (1) switch on the FIELD field code (1).  All the records have blank (or empty) data in the Technology column, which is the custom field I defined earlier.


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