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Recent Updates

  • Updated on: Oct 06, 2017

    File Wrapper Page Count (FW_PG_CT)

    To query patents by the US Class, use the CCL field code.

    Keep in mind that US classes evolve over time, and patents are continuously re-classified. So the classes printed on the printed patent (PDF) may not match the classes we have on record.

    The CCL query finds patents classified in the specified class by both Primary and Cross Reference classifications

    AcclaimIP processes the new classification file when it is released six times per year.

  • Updated on: Jul 17, 2017

    Legal Event Code (LGL_CODE)

    The LGL_CODE field code applies to global patent documents.  It is used for querying the data in the Event Code column in the Legal Events column.  Legal Event data is supplied to us by WIPO and is updated weekly from the file they provide us.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Managing Users and Seats

    Managing users is a straightforward process.  Users are not permanently assigned to seats and they can be shuffled around.  Therefore managing users and seats is divided into two distinct operations.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Sharing Research Folders

    Research folders may be shared between other AcclaimIP users on your team.  You can also invite external AcclaimIP users to share folders with you are your team.

  • Updated on: Jun 05, 2017

    Charting Basics

    Most patent research projects include charts and visulaizations which summarize your research.  In general, reports should be introduced with a summary chart, table or other visualization.  In this article we explore some ideas to help you make your patent charts and visualizations, clear, intuitive, easy to read and uncluttered.

  • Updated on: May 31, 2017

    Withdrawn Field (WITHDRAWN)

    Patents may be withdrawn in the US. The WITHDRAWN field is a Boolean and requires a true(T) or false(F) as the only acceptable values.

  • Updated on: May 31, 2017

    Assignment Data (AN_CHAIN_XXXX)

    With the set of Assignment Field Codes you can query any data in a patent's assignment record.  The assignment record is found in the Assignment tab of the Document Details window.  Assignment records contain the following types of data.

    1. Inventor Releases: Which are typically excuted prior to the issuance of the patent.
    2. Assignment Events: When a patent changes hands or is purchased or acquired by another entity.
    3. Security Agreements: When there is a lien on a patent by a bank, shareholder or other entity.
    4. Security Releases: When the security agreements above are released by the lien holder.

    The assignment data is up-to-date to the nearest week after each weekend's indexing.  However we do provide a direct one-click link to the same data on the website by clicking the green link to help you confirm the accuracy of our assignment data.

    The rows in our assignment records are sorted by default with newest event on top.  Generally this is the most useful presentation and the easiest to read, but the rows are sortable by clicking the column headers.

  • When an assignment event takes place it is first executed when the paperwork is processed, but there may be a delay before it is recorded and the data is available to AcclaimIP. Both dates are tracked in AcclaimIP.

    To query patents by their most recent date of recordation of assignment events use the ANRE_REC_DT field code.

  • When a patent changes hands an assignment may be recorded at the USPTO.  Because patents are often assigned many times over their lives, it is most useful to be able to query the most recent assignment date. Use the ANRE_EXE_DT field code to query patents by their most recent execution date.

    As with other date fields you can use it with date range or a single date.

  • To query patents by the number of assignments registered after a patent was issued, use the ANA_ANRE_PEXE_CT field code.

    The ANA_ANRE_PEXE_CT field may be more useful than the ANA_ANRE_EXE_CT field, which counts ALL assignment events.  The difference is that the integer stored is the number of assignment events recorded after the grant date of the patent.  Most PRE-grant assignment events are inventor assignments or inventor releases recorded at the USPTO, and not transactions.

    POST-grant assignment events tend to be transactions or security agreements.  The ANA_ANRE_PEXE_CT will help you spot patents with potential problems post-grant.

    On a General Note:

    The assignment (or reassignment) database is how AcclaimIP determines the Current Assignee.  If there is a change in ownership we change the Current Assignee field.  AcclaimIP does not change the ownership for Security Agreements that are registered with the USPTO.