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Recent Updates

  • Updated on: Feb 03, 2022

    Adding Columns on the Fly

    AcclaimIP has up to 40 columns of data which you can expose in your search results. Depending on the type of search you are doing, you will want to show different column sets by default. You set your defaults in your Preferences.

    However, very often, you may want to add a new column on the fly without having to update your Preferences and redo your search. This is really easy to do in AcclaimIP.

  • Updated on: Feb 02, 2022

    Keyword Crossreferencing Analyzer

    The Keyword Analyzer tool counts the term frequency of specific terms found in a single patent. It is found in the "Keywords" tab on the document details window. Depending on how wide you set your DD window, you may have to scroll to the right a bit to expose the Keywords tab.

    The Keyword Analyzer uses a straight term and string count method. It breaks up the terms counted in the document into two sets, the Claims Only and the Full Text.

    The Keyword Analyzer uses stop-terms to remove common words like articles and prepositions, as well as common "patentese" terms like method, apparatus, claim, invention etc.

    The Keyword Analyzer has a tool for creating new queries from the terms found in the patent of interest.

  • Updated on: Feb 02, 2022

    Keyword Searching Basics

    In this article, we'll review some of the basic ideas behind keyword searching.  

    Patent documents are full of words.  Patents themselves can be relatively short, such as a two page design patent, while other patents can contain over 1000 pages of text!

    Keywords are mainly found in four fields: Title, abstract, claims, and specification (which is also called the description or the disclosure).  When keyword searching, you'll want to keep in mind where in the document you want to search for certain terms, and how the language might vary in different parts of the document.

    A keyword can be either a single term, like "fingerprint," "security," or "financial."  A keyword can also be a string such as "light emitting diode," "wireless communication" or "target molecule."

    Too often patent searchers rely too heavily on keyword searching.  Keyword searching is amazingly powerful, but it should be used in conjunction with classification, and date searching for optimal results.

  • Updated on: Feb 01, 2022

    Combining Searches

  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2022

    Working with Projects

  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2022

    Search History

  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2022

    Creating and Editing Projects

  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2022

    Searching Using Advanced Search Tabs

    The Advanced Search window provides many tools for search patent data.

  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2022

    Document Details Window

  • Updated on: Jan 27, 2022

    Locking Windows

    AcclaimIP conserves screen real estate by opening new documents in existing Document Details windows. However, sometimes you may want to keep a patent open.

    AcclaimIP supports a window locking option. You can lock and keep open as many windows as you need.