This guide goes into more depth on theory than the AcclaimIP Help Manual. The help manual is designed to quickly tell you how to do something without bogging you down with theory which may be unnecessary for you.

In this manual, however, we are looking to both give you a more in-depth view of certain very specific aspects of AcclaimIP and to show you how to solve specific search problems you may encounter using the tools in the application. In other words, in the Search Strategies Guide, we want to 

1) discuss certain aspects of AcclaimIP that might be unique (and maybe not intuitive at first) to make sure you understand the what and why of those aspects of the tool, and

2) show you use cases that you may be encountering, and give you the skills and ways to solve those use cases, that you can implement into your workflow.

We will continue to update the entire help guide as we add new features, but this section, especially, will continue to be updated based on client feedback and support issues. If you have sections that you think would benefit yourself or others, please feel free to reach out to us through your feedback button on your AcclaimIP desktop. We appreciate it!


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