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Recent Updates

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Managing Users and Seats

    Managing users is a straightforward process.  Users are not permanently assigned to seats and they can be shuffled around.  Therefore managing users and seats is divided into two distinct operations.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Accessing Account Management Features

    All of the features you need to manage your account are located in one place inside of AcclaimIP.  To access your account management features, choose the My Account option from the Start menu.

    Only customer administrators have access to account management features.  If you are not the account administrator, you will not have account management capabilities.

    If you want to change customer administrators, contact AcclaimIP, and we'll make the new person the admin.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Matrix Queries in More Detail

    A matrix is a table or a grid, containing both rows and columns that hold patent queries.  Each cell contains the intersection of the two queries.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Matrix Query Patent Landscape Overview

    A matrix is a table or a grid, containing both rows and columns that hold patent queries.  Each cell contains the intersection of the two queries.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Saving Searches & Setting Alerts

    If you work on a specific search query, you'll want to save it so you can use it again in the future.  AcclaimIP supports a feature where you can save searches for easy recall later.

    I personally use the feature to save all my base queries.  A base query is a search that contains all the keywords and strings that describe one specific aspect of an invention.  I strongly recommend you build a library of relevant base queries, and save them to a folder called "Base Queries."  In this example, I expose my NFC base query.  I use this as my starting point when searching any technology related to NFC (Near Field Communications), and I never have to research all the terms which mean "NFC;" I just load my saved search.

  • AcclaimIP offers another method for finding similar documents using a class profiling technique.

    The logic is simple. If, for example, your source patent is classified in one primary (Original) class and cross references another four classifications, doesn't it stand to reason that patents with the most similar class profiles will also be similar to the target patent?

    This technique is possible because AcclaimIP's search engine is aware of each classification's relative position in its hierarchy including all parent and children classes.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    How to Find Similar Documents

    AcclaimIP offers users several methods to find similar documents to a source document. We designed our system to be as useful and flexible as possible, and as a result, you should be aware how the basic search operations are modified to help make your automated searches most effective.

    There are several tools built into AcclaimIP to help you find similar documents:

    1. Find Similar Documents Using Full Text
    2. Find Similar Documents Using Claims Text
    3. Find Similar Documents Using Class Fingerprinting
    4. QueryFlow, Keyword and Clustering Tools

    This chapter will show you how to use the first three tools. The other tools listed in 4 above require manual refinement and are covered in their own sections of the help manual.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Sharing Research Folders

    Research folders may be shared between other AcclaimIP users on your team.  You can also invite external AcclaimIP users to share folders with you are your team.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Research Folders Overview

    Research folders store two types of data.  

    • Saved Searches.
    • Patent Documents.  

    Research Folders can hold up to 50,000 documents each depending on the plan you signed up for.  They can be shared with other members of your team, and even with users outside your company as long as they also have an AcclaimIP account.

    Research Folders are more than just a place to store the results of your searches.  AcclaimIP's advanced syntax gives you the ability to find unions, intersections and differences between folders and are in themselves analysis tools.

    The contents of Folders can be charted together giving you the ability to chart two portfolios across the same dimensions for comparative charts.

  • Updated on: Jul 07, 2017

    Charting in AcclaimIP