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Recent Updates

  • *This field code is now deprecated.  Use FCITE which replaces both REFN and FREFN.  FCITE returns both US and international citing documents in one query.  FCITE has a reverse counterpart, RCITE which also queries both US and international reverse (backward) references.

    To query patents that cite a particular patent number use the REFN field code.

    REFN is useful to see who cites your portfolio when you use it to query a collection of patents

  • A reference is a reverse citation.  You can search reverse citation by their entire string including document number and title using the REF field code.

    Used wisely, the REF field can be a money-maker for patent holders.  See the examples below.

    AcclaimIP has a companion and often more useful field code that searches only the document numbers called REFN.

  • Updated on: May 25, 2017

    Terminal Disclaimer Field (DISC_TXT)

    AcclaimIP can tell you if a terminal disclaimer is present for any US patent.  The DISC_TXT field is a text field, and holds a string of information.  In every case we have seen to date (10/27/2015), the text just shows the presence of a terminal disclaimer and nothing regarding dates etc.

    As a result, this field is most useful if it is treated like a Boolean (true or false) field.  You can do this by using the EMPTY: field code along with DISC_TXT field

  • Updated on: May 25, 2017

    Term Extension Field Code (ANA_EXT_DAYS)

    Query the number of days a patent's term has been extended by the USPTO using the ANA_EXT_DAYS field code.  The ANA_EXT_DAYS  holds the number of days the patent term has been extended due to 35 U.S.C. 154(b).

    It is often useful to search using a range query:

    For Example:

    ANA_EXT_DAYS:[366 to *]  -->  Returns patents with term extension longer that one year (366 days or greater).

    Some users also want to see patents that have term extensions.  You can use the FIELD field code to look for patents with no term extensions

    For Example:

    FIELD:isEmptyANA_EXT_DAYS -->  Returns patents with no term extension.

  • Updated on: May 25, 2017

    Foreign Priority Field (PRIR)

    To query the foreign priority use the PRIR field code.

  • Updated on: May 25, 2017

    Priority Country Field (PRICN)

    If you want to find patents where the earliest member of the patent's simple family is from a certain country, use the PRICN field code.

    This is a funny little field, but it can be useful when you need it, and by golly we got it.

    Consider this: ISD:2013 NOT PRICN:US

    This says of all the granted patents in 2013, which have priorities from countries other than the US? Would you believe that more than a third (115,783) of US grants in 2013 have priorities from previously field non-US applications. It just goes to show you how truly global the patent system is!

  • Updated on: May 25, 2017

    Priority Number Field (PRIN)

    To query a patent by it priority number, use the PRIN field.

  • To search for US patents that reference a particular foreign document (patent or application), use the FREFN field code.

  • Updated on: May 24, 2017

    Foreign Reference Field (FREF)

    To search for backward citations to foreign documents by a keyword or string in the reference's title, use the FREF field code.

  • Updated on: May 24, 2017

    Primary Examiner (PEX)

    To search for patents by a particular examiner use the PEX field code.

    This field is helpful if you want to investigate the examiner who is examining your patent. Look up the patents, view the file history and get an idea of the examiner's mentality.

    PEX has a companion field code ASEX for searching the Assistant Examiner field.