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Recent Updates

  • Updated on: May 22, 2017

    Assignee State Field (AS)

    The AS field code queries the state or province of the assignee of a patent or application. Use the standard two-digit postal codes (ISO 3166 Codes) for the state, province or geographic subdivision.

  • To query assignee names that appear anywhere in the chain of custody, you can use the ANRE_CHAIN field code.  The chain of custody includes the current and original assignee and any assignee who may have owned  or claimed interest in the patent at any time in the patent's lifecycle.

    To see the entire chain of custody of a patent document, open the Document Details window and then click the Assignments tab in the middle of the window.

  • Updated on: May 22, 2017

    Research Folder ID Field Code (RFID)

    When you create a research folder, the folder is assigned an ID number we call a "Research Folder ID" or RFID.  You can think of every document inside that folder as being tagged with the ID number of the folder.

    RFID numbers are easy to remember since they start with your initials followed by a four digit number.  For example MT3213 or ER0324

    RFID field code is very powerful since you can use Boolean login on them and effectively carve out all variants

  • Updated on: May 19, 2017

    Pending Field Code (PEND)

    The PEND field code applies ONLY to US applications. It is a Boolean and holds one of two values, either True (T) or False (F). Granted patents cannot be pending so the field is always blank on US grants and documents from all other collections.

    US Applications can have one of three states:

    1. Granted --> The application has a related grant, (PEND:F)
    2. Pending --> The application is still active and pending (not yet granted), (PEND:T)
    3. Abandoned --> The application is abandoned (also PEND:T)

    Currently AcclaimIP cannot tell if an application is still pending or abandoned. This data is not provided by the USTPO. Therefore "un-granted" applications all have the status (PEND:T).

  • Updated on: May 19, 2017

    Parent Case Information (PARN)

    The PARN field code may be used to query the partent case information on the patent.  Not all patents have parent documents, so about 2/3rds of patents do not contain any information in their PARN field.  In fact in 2013, 62.9% of all US grants had no parent case information.

    The field is useful for may cases.  For example, if you are looking for continuations, divisionals and CIPs, you can search the PARN field.

    Because the PARN field is a free form text field you may have to be creative searching this field to isolate specific types of patents.  See examples below.

  • Updated on: May 19, 2017

    Kind Code (KCOD)

    Kind code are appended to patent document numbers to distinguish the kind of patent documents. Most jurisdictions since 2001 have harmonized kind codes based on the WIPO ST.16 standard.

    As a general rule type A kind codes are applications and type B documents are granted patents.

    Kind codes may be searched using the KCOD field code in AcclaimIP.

    Kind Codes are particularly useful when searching European patent documents. All EP applications have a kind code that begins with the letter A and all EP granted patents have a kind code that begin with the letter B. See examples below.

  • Updated on: May 19, 2017

    Country Code Field Code (CC)

    All patent documents contain a country code field which in most cases uses the standard ISO3166 two letter code for the country such as US, CA, DE, JP, CN, GB, etc. Most of these codes will be familiar since they are the same Top Level Domain (TLD) codes used by each country for internet addresses.  In some juristictions there is no ISO3166 equivilent, so the following are used:

    • EP:  European Patent Documents (EPO)
    • WO:  PCT or World Patent Documents (WIPO)
    • EA:  Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO) includes Turkmenistan, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Tajikistan, Russian Federation (most Russian found under RU), Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova
  • Updated on: May 09, 2017

    Document Type Field (DT)

    The DT field code divides your search into patents and applications.  There are two acceptable values for the DT field code:

    • G -->  Grants (granted patents)
    • A -->  Applications

    Note that Document Type (DT) field code works on all international patents.  By contrast, the Patent Type field (PT) works only on US documents.

  • Updated on: May 09, 2017

    Patent Type Field (PT)

    The PT field code is one that you should commit to memory.  It lets you filter and query for different type of patents.  There are five acceptable values for the PT field code:

    • U -->  Utility Patents
    • D -->  Design Patents
    • PP  -->  Plant Patents
    • RE -->  Reissue Patent
    • H  -->  SIR (Statutory Invention Registration)

    Note that PT is different than KCOD (Kind Code) or DT (Document Type).

  • To query patents using an unnormalized "current" assignee, use the ANRE_CUR field code.

    Assignee names in AcclaimIP are normalized. There are often hundreds of name variations for a single assignee, and it would be virtually impossible to work with assignee information without normalization.

    However, from time to time, you may want to search the unnormalized current assignee name. Keep in mind, the current assignee comes from the "Reassignment database"